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Why You Should Invest in Real Assets – Robert Kiyosaki, @John MacGregor, Mike Mauceli

Most Americans still think our government will protect them. The world is changing at an alarming rate, yet most people here waddle stubbornly through the crosswalk, so to speak, still believing that this country has the right of way and holding tight to their 401(k)s. Today’s guests make the case for ditching paper assets and putting your money in assets the government can’t print. 

If you think investing for the long term is a sure thing, you may want to listen carefully to this week’s show. John MacGregor, author of the book “The Top 10 Reasons the Rich Go Broke” says, “Most people have a buy and hope strategy. Hope is not a retirement strategy.” 

Mike Mauceli, says, “Most people who have made a lot of money over their career want to put their money where they can generate cash flow and not pay taxes, legally.” 

There are many benefits to investing in commodities like gas and oil, other than the cash flow. As today’s guest explains,  You get to deduct 15 percent of the well’s gross income each year. This is called depletion. It’s like depreciation, only you get it every year, even after you have deducted all of the IDC and the depreciation.

Robert Kiyosaki and guests John MacGregor and Mike Mauceli discuss why you should get out of the rat race and into the fast track, now. 

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