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How to Achieve Limitless Financial Freedom – Robert Kiyosaki, @Ken McElroy , @John MacGregor

Financial education is more important than ever before. We live in a time of massive change. There's an enormous opportunity for those prepared for what comes next. But for those of you who are not prepared, today’s guests explain where you can go to learn from leading experts so you can take advantage of what lies ahead. 

Ken McElroy, Rich Dad Advisor and co-creator of the Limitless Expo says, “We aren’t doing a real estate expo because now’s not the time. Instead, we will focus on education on all investing and business strategies based on what’s happening today.” 

The Limitless Expo is a three-day event with the sole purpose of helping to change lives in today’s chaotic world so that others do not get left behind.

Host Robert Kiyosaki and guests Ken McElroy and John MacGregor discuss how you can learn from today’s top experts in business, economics, real estate, and finance at the Limitless Expo so you can move forward with confidence.

Limitless Expo
Date: June 9-11
Use Promo Code: richdad

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