How to Prepare for An Awesome Podcast Interview – SPI TV Ep. 50

Today's episode is a vital one for all you podcasters out there. I'm sharing my top tips for preparing for an interview, gathered from the hundreds of interviews I've done on the Smart Passive Income Podcast.

Don't make the mistake of viewing interviews as an easy opportunity to kick back while your guest does all the work. While you should always let your guest do most of talking, you (as the interviewer) have a responsibility to prepare. It's your job to ensure the interview runs smoothly, stays on schedule, and provides value to your audience.

In this episode, I'll share my tips for becoming a master interviewer. I'll cover crafting the perfect questions, preparing your equipment, avoiding scheduling roadblocks, putting your guest at ease, and lots more.

I also recommend checking out, my step-by-step guide to getting started with podcasting. You can find that tutorial at the link below:

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Kerson Lopez

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