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Gold, Silver & Crypto: Insurance Against a Corrupt Fed – Kiyosaki, Anthony Pompliano, Brien Lundin

Throughout history, “money” has been many different things. Money has taken the form of seashells, colored beads, feathers, live animals, and large stones. Today, there are three types of modern money. Robert Kiyosaki says they are: 1. God’s money: Gold and silver 2. Government’s money: Dollars, Euros, pesos, etc. 3. People’s money: Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. […]

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3 Best Reasons for becoming an Entrepreneur NOW – Robert Kiyosaki Updates You During Quarantine

Robert Kiyosaki always says a crisis creates opportunities. In today’s economy, although difficult to see, there are plenty of opportunities waiting for those who have a financial education. Think about this: your money is becoming worthless each day because the Fed is printing record-amounts of money. In the new economy, it’s imperative you learn to […]

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How To Become Great

What does it take to become great? Watch Vick Strizheus talk about what it takes to become great at anything. * Follow and get more cool stuff and training from us at: Website: Facebook: — Thank you for watching this video – please share it. I'd love to hear your thoughts and comments on this […]

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