6 “Passive Income” Streams (and the TRUTH no one wants to tell you)

I wanted to open up my accounts a bit today and share with you 6 different income streams that I currently have in my life. From businesses that I own, to stocks and real estate, I share real numbers that will give you insight on the diversity of my "passive income" stream portfolio.

I say "passive income" with quotations, because there's a massive misconception about passive income online, and especially here on YouTube, which is why I wanted to cut right to the chase at the beginning of the video, and throughout my examples, share not just the income, but just how much time and money was invested into these income streams.

Also, nothing is 100% passive income – there will always be upkeep involved, and maintenance included. For some, more than others, but unless you're working in Hollywood or singing pop songs, true work-free, maintenance-free passive income does not exist. You can get to the point where you don't have to trade 1:1 hours for dollars, but you'll see just how "easy" that is in my examples.

They ALL require work, time, patience and focus. But they come with amazing opportunities, and incredible fulfillment in more ways than you can imagine, too – and no, I'm not talking about the laptop lifestyle, I'm talking about using your laptop to help people, and impact people around the world.

Timestamps for your convenience below:

#1 – 3:31 – My First Business (Information / Digital)
#2 – 6:57 – Affiliate Marketing (Recommendations / Commission-Based)
#3 – 8:34 – My (Newbie) Real Estate Portfolio
#4 – 10:59 – Stock Market (Including How Much TSLA Made Me Today)
#5 – 12:43 – Amazon (Physical Product / Invention – Based Business)
#6 – 15:09 – Platform / Audience Based Business (i.e. Podcast, YouTube, Blog)

Links to stuff I mentioned:

My First Business –

How to Passive Income with Affiliate Marketing:

Switchpod: (also on Amazon – affiliate link:)

For Stocks, I'm using ETrade (in case you were wondering). And if you're interested in starting a podcast, definitely check out my how to start a podcast series here:


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