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Why Gold is Set to Rally – Robert Kiyosaki, @Lear Capital, Kevin DeMeritt

The inflationary environment is giving gold and other precious metals a positive outlook over the next year. Today’s guest says for centuries, investors and collectors have owned physical gold for a variety of reasons. The many benefits of gold include diversification, tax benefits, growth potential, protection against the volatile stock market, and a safeguard against the declining dollar. 

Kevin DeMeritt, the Founder and operator of one of the largest precious metals firms in the U.S., Lear Capital says, “Since 2000 the precious metals market has outperformed the stock market.” And for the average person is an insurance policy against all the money printing that’s been happening. 

Host Robert Kiyosaki and guest Kevin DeMeritt discuss the outlook for the precious metal market in 2022, how you can acquire it, and where to store it. 

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