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What is the Real Risk in 2022? – Robert Kiyosaki, @The James Rickards Project – Official Channel

Consumers across the U.S. are feeling the effects of inflation through home prices, gas prices, and grocery prices which have all been rising in recent months. There are several answers as to what all of this means for consumers this year, but two lingering questions are:  what will the Fed do? And will we experience the inflation of the 1970s? Today’s guest gives his opinion on where the U.S. is headed in 2022. 

Macro-economic expert, and the best-selling author of “The New Great Depression,” Jim Rickards, says, “I would look for disinflation, not inflation, from 6-7% annualized down to 4%," due to incoming rate hikes expected from the Federal Reserve. 

Additionally, Rickards explains
1. Inflation vs. Disinflation
2. His prediction for $15,000 gold
3. Real thoughts on the Fed

Hosts Robert and Kim Kiyosaki and guest Jim Rickards discuss the real threats to the economy in 2022 and how you can be prepared. 

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