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Surviving Soaring Inflation – Robert Kiyosaki, Bert Dohmen, @Dohmen Capital

Inflation is soaring everywhere from the grocery store to the gas station. Some say that the actual rate of inflation is 20%, not the 8% being reported, and most people are feeling it in their wallets. Today’s guest explains how we will experience a new high in inflation, and a new high in interest rates, meaning a total disaster for bond prices – going down 70%! 

Bert Dohmen, the founder of Dohmen Capital Research, says, “Big money will be made on the short side of the market, but that will require the most experienced guidance.” He says that the next few years will not be pleasant for the “uninformed investors” who practice a buy, hold, pray strategy. 

Host Robert Kiyosaki and guest Bert Dohmen discuss how this time, right now, is the greatest opportunity of a lifetime—if you have a financial education.

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