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Q/E to Infinity: Why You Should Escape the Fiat Currency System – Robert Kiyosaki and John Adams

Across the world, assets are in a giant debt bubble—some say it’s the largest in the world's history. Today’s guest says since the financial crisis of 2008 through the coronavirus pandemic, central banks have tried to prevent economic meltdowns by printing more money, and no politician has stepped in to prevent it.

John Adams, Chief Economist for As Good As Gold Australia says, “We see a 1.9 trillion dollar stimulus in the US along with a climate change package and numerous executive orders. Besides, they are planning increases in the minimum wage and higher taxes, all of which will have an economic impact.”

As a result, the question most people will ask themselves is: where should I put my money to protect my wealth? Adams says, “Portfolio allocation changes dramatically depending on whether you believe we are headed for hyperinflation compared to if you believe we are headed for deflation.”

Host Robert Kiyosaki and guest John Adams discuss the economic aftermath of unlimited printing of money and how to protect your personal wealth. Stay to the end to find out why Adams questions the origins of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

Learn more from John Adams: www.adamseconomics.com

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