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How to Make Money with Airbnb – Millennial Money – Alexandra Gonzalez, @Jorge Contreras

Rich dad said, “The key to wealth is knowledge.” He also said, “Growing your wealth requires growing your knowledge.” There’s no better time than today to grow your knowledge. 

Today’s guest describes how he got started in real estate and mastered the niche of Airbnb arbitrage. 

Jorge Contreras, a real estate investor, says, “Everyone’s end goal should be to own the asset, however, there’s a bigger pool of people who aren’t in a position yet to put 20% down so they can start with an Airbnb arbitrage strategy.”

Host Alexandra Gonzalez and guest Jorge Contreras discuss how making money with short-term rentals through sites like Airbnb is a great place to start small with your first investment property. 

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