How Being an Introvert Hurt My Business

As an introverted entrepreneur, I find it difficult to put myself out there. In "people situations", especially in person at conferences or events, I can get in my own way, overthink things, and I usually end up retreating and regretting it later.

Being an introvert is neither good nor bad – there are pros and cons to both being an introverted entrepreneur and an extroverted one – but in this video I share a specific moment where being an introvert got in my way and let me down.

On the other hand, as an introvert, I do find there are advantages as well, like my ability to better focus on tasks I need to focus on and not get as distracted. My ability to, when I do find someone I can connect with, get really deep with that person and empathize with them. It also helps me understand what you may be going through too – and if you're struggling with being an introvert, don't worry:

Success in business, and in life, is not about trying to be like someone else. It's all about knowing who you are, and using your best traits and superpowers to help and serve others.

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Note: After publishing this video, I realized that there are a couple "second rule" type books that mention a strategy similar to the one I present in this video. I don't take ownership of these strategies or claim to have created them, I just simply shared just what I do. Here are the books I recommend you check out:

-"The 5-Second Rule" by Mel Robbins
-"The Game" by Neil Strauss


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