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Failed Policies and the Border Crisis – Robert Kiyosaki, Kim Kiyosaki and Sheriff Mark Lamb

Chaos erupted at the Southern Border in Texas when over 10,000 migrants—including families, pregnant women, and babies—were waiting to be processed by US immigration authorities, just a week ago in Del Rio, Texas. Today’s guest says that as a result, Biden’s failed policies are undoing the very fabric that this United States is made of. 

Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb says, “Our government has created the perfect opportunity for cartels.” And he goes on to explain the rise in fentanyl recovered by the Pinal County Sheriff’s department.

Why does this matter? It matters, Lamb says, “Because it’s not staying in Arizona, it’s seeping its way into other states.”

Host Robert Kiyosaki and guest Sheriff Mark Lamb discuss the failed policies of the Biden administration and the impacts on the Southern Border of the United States. 

Learn more about Sheriff Mark Lamb’s organization: www.protectamericanow.com

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