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Big Investors Start Small – Robert Kiyosaki, Marin Katusa, @Katusa Research

Robert and Kim Kiyosaki believe that every wanna-be investor should start small and have a little “skin in the game,” and learn from your mistakes along the way. Today’s guest says that small investors can still take advantage of some of the largest opportunities today. 

Marin Katusa, publisher of the Katusa Report says, “After starting as a calculus teacher and being known as the tutor for the rich, I looked around and asked myself, ‘what am I doing wrong here?’” Being in Vancouver, and the resource sector, low and behold 20 years later, here I am after building Canada’s third-largest copper mine. 
In the resources sector, there are some very smart people, but who are afraid to take risks. But if you have the right financial education, you diminish the risk. 
Host Robert Kiyosaki and guest Marin Katusa discuss the importance of just getting started when it comes to investing and how everyone smarts small before moving to the B-I side of the CASHFLOW Quadrant. 

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