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6 Lessons for Success in 2021 – Robert Kiyosaki [Compilation Video]

Many ‘experts’ say, “Entrepreneurs fail because they are undercapitalized.” This fear of being “undercapitalized,” this lack of money as well as the absence of a steady paycheck, is what keeps most people clinging to job security as an employee. But it’s not why entrepreneurs fail.

While being undercapitalized is a challenge, it’s a lack of entrepreneurial education, real-world business experience, and guts that result in most people not being a success in business.

Success is a process. You can’t just change your life with the flip of a calendar or a turn of a page. It takes hard work over a sustained period of time with a good plan to make a change. Financial independence doesn’t happen overnight. There is no quick fix. Investing is like learning a new language; you don’t become fluent in one day. You must practice, practice, practice.

In the process, you will make some mistakes. But as you keep up with it, just as with a language, you will become more and more fluent. Every mistake you make simply makes you smart

00:00 What is your personal mission?
02:48 How can I serve others?
04:56 Develop the right mindset
07:09 Find something you love
09:25 Find the right teachers
11:54 Why games make better teacher

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