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Threats to our security & economy – Capitalist Manifesto – Robert Kiyosaki, General Robert Spalding

The Capitalist Manifesto series features stories told by real people from around the world who experienced socialist or communist regimes. General Spalding was the chief architect for the Trump Administration’s widely praised National Security Strategy. He describes himself as “ a national security expert and patriot entrepreneur identifying threats to our security, economy, and way […]

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This ONE Thing Might Signal the End – Robert Kiyosaki, @Gerald Celente

In his testimony in early December, U.S. Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell admitted it is “probably a good time to retire” the Fed’s characterization of inflation as “transitory”—up, until that time, Powell described inflation as temporary. Today’s guest explains what happens when the Fed “takes away the crutches.”  Gerald Celente, the Founder/Director of the Trends […]

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