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5 Steps to Grow Your Business – Millennial Money – Alexandra Gonzalez, Kim Kiyosaki

Employees of all different backgrounds have recently left their jobs due to the Great Resignation. Millennials have proven to be especially impulsive.  Freelancing, becoming an influencer, or changing your employment classification to an independent contractor are growing in popularity among Millennials and Gen Z. While the initiative is commendable, these jobs have their downside—one being […]

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Is the Great Reset Happening? – Robert Kiyosaki @Mark Moss

At the World Economic Forum meeting last November, Klaus Schwab, the founder, and chairman of the WEF, Henry Kissinger, heads of state, and other billionaire power brokers determined that by 2030, the little people “will own nothing and be happy.” Today’s guest explains that these ideologies are both dangerous and evil. Henry Kissinger is quoted […]

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How the Government is Failing Us – Robert Kiyosaki, @Gerald Celente

Trends are examples of significant change at the macro or global level. Today’s guest explains how “while the governments control their nations, the game is fixed, despite their manipulations, the end-game economic trends can be forecast.” Gerald Celente, the Founder/Director of the Trends Research Institute and publisher of the weekly Trends Journal magazine says, “We […]

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Retirement Tsunami Ahead – Robert Kiyosaki, John MacGregor

The retirement preparation storm has been brewing for decades. For years, the media has reported on how ill-prepared the boomer generation is for retirement. What’s worse is the future for younger generations who are now relying on their 401(k) for retirement. Today’s guest explains how the 401(k) was never designed to be the sole retirement […]

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